Clothes in the Closet!

Okay, not all of them, but my dresser is finally empty and ready to get rid of! I just need to find a way to actually do that… All my tops are hung up (I have less than 35 total), all my bottoms are currently in a bin, and my undergarments are in a basket. […]

Clothing Storage

So most of my clothes are currently laying on the floor (I REALLY need to do laundry), and I’m going to take the opportunity to not put them back in the dresser after I wash them. I finally found someone with a truck so I can start taking stuff to goodwill. I’m excited. I figure […]


So apparently scissors are my minimalist weak point. I need 6 pairs. Kitchen, Fabric, Hair, and Paper. (And yes they all have to be different.) I seem to require 3 pairs of paper scissors because I’m constantly using them for odd jobs around the apartment, which very rarely involves actually cutting paper. No matter that I’m fine […]

Bulk Produce

If I’m wrong and there is actually a way to do this, I would love to know… I was thinking about how frustrating it is to have to buy fresh produce in small quantities, because otherwise it will go bad before I can eat it. Of course, that is an expensive way to do it, […]


While I’m not a particularly amazing chef (my brother is the one that did culinary), I do cook most of my meals, and I like to think they are quite tasty. I have one knife (a santoku), a pair of kitchen scissors, a can opener, and, my newest addition, a device that makes pasta out […]

Blog Minimalism

While I made this blog specifically for my minimalism stuff, I actually have a tumblr blog that I am quite particular about. I have been told that I am “doing it wrong” many times, but it is my blog, and I like the way I use tumblr. I only follow 10 people (at one point […]

How to Win the War on Clutter

Originally posted on Miss Minimalist If you’re tackling your clutter in fits and starts, it can sometimes feel like you’re making little progress. Although you’ve purged a number of things, you’ve hardly made a dent – or worse yet, accumulated more in the meantime. When clutter becomes particularly invasive, it’s time to wage an all-out […]