Savings and Food Ramble

Hey readers; 

Every time I see lists of ways to save money, it’s always stuff I’ve never really done, save for the gas (I don’t go far, I could bike it if I had a bike), and I’m still on my family’s phone plan and wifi and will absolutely not be giving up my smartphone or internet access.

There is not much more for me to give up, I’m not even paying rent because my parents are incredibly generous and would rather me put that extra 300-600$ towards my college debt, so they are allowing me to live in their motorhome.

I actually kind of like it, though 22ft and this layout is a bit too cramped, but maybe if I got a newer 27ft one with a better floor plan (and no carpet would be wonderful), I could do this long term and live in Florida and maybe go up north if I ever manage  to get to a point where I can telecommute or at least have jobs in both areas…

I digress. I’m doing pretty much everything right already and I’m not sure how else to save without sacrificing my health and happiness. Kind of hard to spend less on things you were never paying for in the first place.


Cut out ice cream, replaced it with allowing myself healthy drinks other than water. For my health, this is a good trade, for my wallet, eh, not so much.

Now if I could just stop eating the candy at work…

I’m good at saving money on food, and compensating with inexpensive buffer food, such as rice and lentils, but I definitely don’t always buy the cheapest option when it comes to produce. Thank goodness that publix has their own organic brand and great sales all the time, on things I would already want or need.

I also splurge and get the giant bag of jasmine rice instead of the significantly cheaper longrain white rice. Hey, if I’m gonna be eating it, it should at least taste good. Not that plain rice isn’t good, it’s just… I prefer jasmine.

Maybe I’ll make an ideal pantry list. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Savings and Food Ramble

  1. I think food is extremely hard to economize on. My husband and I were at some point paying only cash for groceries to attempt to reinforce our budget but even then we spent about $220 each per month, which is a lot. I like a lot of the organic brands of crackers, waffles etc and try to buy a lot of fresh produce as well. I would love to try the food stamp diet (living on $4 a day or similar) but suspect I would have a breakdown.


    1. That’s great! My monthly food budget is 200$ per month, but I’m still waffling around trying to build my pantry and create a meal plan, so I don’t know how well it will actually work. (I also applied for food stamps but every time I call to make an appointment I can’t get through, and I’m too anxious to go in person…)

      I think the average food expenditure is about $300 per person…


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