Not perfect, but…

I have finally reached a point of equilibrium for my clothes. My wardrobe is all hung or folded on a shelf in my (very small) closet, and the rest of my clothes (the ones that are one use outfits, as well as pyjamas and swimsuits, are in an upper drawer in the dresser that isn’t mine, and my cosplay, rave, and miscellaneous other things that I don’t feel like listing out but are once or twice a year things are in the bottom drawer. Hey, it’s taking up space, so I might as well use it, right? 

There’s still things to do, but at least in the clothes department, I have a system that I can keep organized now. No more clothes on the floor for more than a day! (I’m allowed to have some leeway.)

I also got rid of another bagful of stuff (did I talk about that already?) and I’ll say I’m down to using grocery bags, and there’s not much more I want to get rid of yet. I have a few things that I’m planning on not replacing when they wear out, but since today I got rid of a pair of tights that I was undecided on, and, well, I’m getting rid of the two huge blankets that I was using as padding and actually hate THEY’RE LOOSE WOVEN SO ITS JUST MADE OF HOLES, but they are temporarily serving duty to block the gap at the bottom of my door. I’ll probably put a different blanket there soon, so it’s still designated for removal. And a pair of cheap safety glasses I accidentally absconded with from my previous job. Whoops.

Oh, and I found a way to save a basket that I’m kind of reluctant to get rid of. It’s for my laundry now!

I’m probably going to keep tweaking but this room really is too small for me. It’s alright for a bedroom, but that’s my entire allocated space. I have a few essentials in the bathroom, and of course food is in the kitchen, but it would be easier if I had a bit more room. I could probably even manage if the dresser wasn’t here and there wasn’t other stuff in the closet. Still not even close to ideal, but it would make it a lot easier. 


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