Where I am right now

Hey readers; I’m going to give you a quick rundown over some of the most recent changes in my life. I’m not thrilled with all of them, but there’s plenty of good things.

I graduated college in December (except not really cause I got screwed over in one class right at the end so I have to find a way to retake it before I can get my diploma, but that is a whole different can of worms). That’s the biggest thing. I am so happy to be out of school.

Things that have happened since then: Moved to the Tampa area, got a job I loved, lost the job in less than a month (I don’t know why), and am now stressed because I have to start repaying my $40,000 student loan debt the day before my birthday this year… Just about 4 months. For a degree that I don’t even have yet, and am not proud of or really want to work in that field. College was a very expensive, long mistake. I want to stay positive, though, so we are just going to ignore that as best we can.

I’m currently residing in a fairly decent apartment with 3 other people. My room is TINY , never have I been so grateful that I’m taking the minimalist route. Some of my stuff is with my parents (like a table and cabinet), because I simply have nowhere to put them. Everything else is either in this room or in my car because I’m lazy and don’t need them.

Could I get rid of that stuff since I don’t need it? Some of it, probably, but this is not the kind of living space I want long term. I can manage a bedroom this tiny, but not for holding all my stuff. And there are several things that bring me joy that I just don’t have the space for. Cause I’m not putting my stuff out in the living room. There’s already a dresser in here that isn’t mine (I am borrowing two of the drawers to house stuff that I don’t want the cat to pee on…) And the closet is tiny. It would be nice if there wasn’t a box, two paint cans, and a roll of carpeting in there as well.

This space really doesn’t feel like mine, but I’m able to fit. One of my other roommates a has the other small room and it’s super cramped in there. +1 to minimalism!


Also I’m getting a pretty good price for rent so I can’t complain too much.


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