Oh gosh, I somehow gained several followers in my absence…

Hey readers; I am in a new stage of life, so there will be a longer post about that sometime soon. I don’t know if I’m going to be returning to blogging more often, but I’d like to, so I was thinking to expand what I write about. It will still include minimalism, but I’ll probably talk about other things, too. Maybe yoga? Occasional cool science stuff? I want to have it be a tad more personal rather than for professional purposes, (yeah, people actually make money from blogging. #life goals?) but not /too/ personal.

I think keeping with a lifestyle theme is pretty good, but I reserve the right to throw in the occasional science post just for fun. It’s kind of part of my lifestyle, at least I’d like it to be, and I don’t follow the white 33 item aesthetic… Not a huge fan of white and I want a little more flexibility in my wardrobe. I still have a lot less than most people I know, but my “nonessentials” make up probably half of that fairly small wardrobe.

I want to thank my followers, whatever reason you’re following me, it’s cool that people are interested in the fumblings of someone not quite sure of what they’re doing. I’m not a professional by any means, so it’s nice to see that I’m engaging enough to be followed. I want to get better.


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