Clothing Storage

So most of my clothes are currently laying on the floor (I REALLY need to do laundry), and I’m going to take the opportunity to not put them back in the dresser after I wash them. I finally found someone with a truck so I can start taking stuff to goodwill. I’m excited.

I figure all my shirts can be hung up, and I’m going to use a small 3 drawer plastic bin for underwear, socks, and assorted whatnots, but I’m not entirely sure what do do with my pants and skirts. They can’t be hung up, and even if I fold the pants on a shelf (and I can’t guarantee that my next closet will have shelves in it), that still leaves the skirts.

Any suggestions for ways to store clothes? I’m not looking for crazy Pinterest solutions involving hours of DIY and using ladders and folding chairs, though. I love Pinterest and all, but I’m looking for simple and easy.

(By the way, when I say storage, I don’t mean put away for the season. I live in Florida, I wear all my clothes year-round, so they need to be accessible.)


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