Bulk Produce

If I’m wrong and there is actually a way to do this, I would love to know…

I was thinking about how frustrating it is to have to buy fresh produce in small quantities, because otherwise it will go bad before I can eat it. Of course, that is an expensive way to do it, but what if you could pay a bulk price up front, and then trade in slips for the amount of produce you want at the time?

Win-win situation. The grocery store gets your money ahead of time, and you get to save, have fresh produce, and never worry about your food going bad before you can use it.
Plus you can open up fridge/freezer space, which is a definite bonus because that is the number one reason I have to toss food, because it gets pushed to the back and I forget about it…

Now I’m off to make yet another meal with a bunch of spinach because I have two bags of it that my roommate asked me to help get through before it goes bad…


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