Blog Minimalism

While I made this blog specifically for my minimalism stuff, I actually have a tumblr blog that I am quite particular about. I have been told that I am “doing it wrong” many times, but it is my blog, and I like the way I use tumblr. I only follow 10 people (at one point it was as high as 20, but that became overwhelming) and all of those blogs do not make more than a few posts a day, making it very easy for me to check in, scroll through, and leave.

Myself, I actually post rather infrequently, and I am very selective about what I post and reblog. My likes are a completely different story. I actually recently made the decision to unfollow a blog that I liked the content of, but posted way too much. I figured that I can just occasionally go to that blog’s archives and skim for interesting stuff, but it has made a huge difference in how much time I spend on tumblr, just by cutting out that one blog.

Facebook has proven to be a completely different challenge. The more people I unfriend, the more junk seems to show up on my feed. Now instead of getting a lot of posts from a lot of people, I’m getting a lot of posts about things fewer people liked. It’s very irritating and I can’t figure out how to make it stop. I don’t mind seeing what people shared or commented on, but liked? No thank you.


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