Sleeping Arrangements

So while I have a perfectly good mattress, I actually have long been somewhat annoyed by my bed, as it only gives my cat a place to hide (and throw up under), space in which to lose things, and more to clean. I would love a Japanese futon, but until I can afford it, I may just eventually dismantle my bed frame and put the mattress on the floor. It doesn’t exactly look nice now, it would only be an improvement.

I have been testing out how well I can sleep on a firmer surface by layering a couple of tae kwon do mats (too firm), a few folded blankets (better), and a pad from an old cot (good addition), and while it is not something that I would necessarily do as-is long term, but it seem clear that I am not experiencing any extra pain,  and it’s actually pretty comfortable to sit on, and I am definitely getting proper rest.
I’m probably going to add the sheepskin that I have stashed in my car just to make it a tad softer, but if I’m getting reasonably good sleep on something like this, it bodes well for me getting a shikifuton in the future, and I just love the way they look and how easy it will be to rearrange my space.

My only concern is that futons (and tatami, since I apparently need a couple of those) are supposedly pretty high maintenance, and Florida is pretty humid. Hopefully I won’t run into any major issues. Besides, I could use the daily and weekly workout of moving the futon and tatami around to air them.


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