I have plans to purchase a small figurine that I saw at the store a few weeks ago, decided not to get, and now can’t stop thinking about it and visualizing it on display. Fortunately or unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate it again, so unless I do see it in person (in which case I will buy it immediately), it was not meant to be, and I won’t seek it out online.

I felt really stupid for not buying it once I realized that I did want it and then couldn’t find it, but I did a great job being minimalist, so I’m very proud of that. It wasn’t easy to walk away from it in the first place, and part of me is like “this is what you get,” but most of me is like “you did it, even though you were drooling over this $12 figurine for almost 20 minutes, you still managed to walk away without even thinking you would come back later if you still wanted it,” so it’s pretty easy to ignore the snarky voice.

If I see that figurine again, I will still buy it and get rid of some other stuff. I’m not sure what would be an appropriate trade, though, if I deserve to have this figurine, it has to count for something more than just something I would have gotten rid of anyway. If I don’t ever see that figurine again, oh well, such is life, and I’ll get over it eventually.


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