How To Guilt Trip Yourself

This morning, I was reading a post by one of my new followers (Youthful Minimalist), and realized that I have unconsciously been doing something that is actually rather effective in limiting myself. I had the opportunity yesterday to get several items of clothing for free, and I didn’t even bother to look at them. Why?

I had promised myself that I could have a few wardrobe pieces that consisted of items that only create one outfit each. Having this luxury, so to speak, guilted me into not even looking at the free clothing, even though it was likely that I could have found a shirt or two that I liked, because I didn’t want to feel as though I had wasted the small excess that I had allowed myself.

I’ve started doing this even while food shopping–buying one treat, even if it isn’t on sale, as long as I do a reasonably good job finding staple foods on sale. Mind you, I sometimes end up with two treats because I love food and can usually also find a treat that is on sale, but that is beside the point.

If you are struggling to keep to minimalism, consider giving yourself a few things that are definitely not minimalistic, because it will probably make you feel guilty long enough to walk away from those clearance racks long enough to remember that you don’t even need more stuff, plus you have the added bonus of having something you really like, even though it isn’t minimalistic. Just remember to choose carefully and, of course, don’t allow yourself too much leeway.

If you’re curious, my items are: a skirt, shirt, and heels that I didn’t realize made the perfect outfit until I was about to get rid of them both because they didn’t go with anything else, and a dress and scarf that I can only wear for maybe 3 months of the year. Thankfully the matching shoes for that are plain black boots that I wear a lot, but is easy enough to replace when they wear out.


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