Zen Garden

After years of thinking that miniature zen gardens were stupid, I saw a full scale one and then realized I could miniaturize a zen garden to my specifications. While I do not currently have the space or money for one the size I want (still nothing that would require a large rake, table-sized, maybe a 1/3 sized rake), I do have a lovely wooden bowl that I want to keep, but is currently housing odds and ends. It would be perfect for a miniature zen garden in the meantime, because it is about the size of three normal mini zen gardens, and the only thing I need to do is decide on a filler, and find a way to pack In the bottom part of the bowl because I don’t want it to be completely filled with sand, that would just make it heavier and more expensive.

I’m thinking either black or dark blue sand (or a mix) for my mini one, and if I ever have the space for a bigger one, small rounded pebbles, maybe in a blueish grey. I never really liked white sand or rough gravel. I have toyed with the idea of coarse salt, though I have concerns of how that would work in FL humidity, even indoors.

Keeping plants alive is too much stress and time for me, so a dry miniscape is perfect. And besides, if I really want greens, they do have model trees! I haven’t quite decided what I am going to get rid of in exchange for this, but I kind of think that even if I can’t find anything specific, limiting my books to certain ones and getting rid of my piano I never actually play is a fair trade, as long as I have the space in the future. If I don’t, then I’ll still have my mini zen garden. I haven’t decluttered everything that I mean to yet, but some of it has to stay until I move.

I’d like to declutter something else, though, before I make any zen garden other than the miniature one. That one is okay because I’m repurposing a nice wooden bowl to a better use and will be forced to declutter what is currently in it.


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