Messy Closet

My closet was perfectly clean and organized, and now it’s a disaster. It’s partially my fault (well technically it’s entirely my fault), because it’s coming up on Metrocon and I suddenly got a bunch of cosplay supplies, but I had to quickly put it all away and don’t have a dedicated spot for active cosplay items yet. And then I was looking for something so I pulled out a bunch of stuff and haven’t put it back yet.

While I’m probably going to clean it up within the next three days, it will still be kind of cluttered until June 20th, but that’s alright. It’s a walk-in closet, and I keep the door shut. This is probably something that will happen every time I prepare for a convention…

I’m glad I decided to only do cosplays that are inexpensive and simple after this year. This year I bought one, was given one, and am making a really nice unique one with the help of a friend, because I’m going to start re-using my outfits instead of making all new ones. Saves space, stress, and money! I’m sure I’ll still make a new cosplay here and there, but I’m going to keep it to a minimum.


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