Minimalism and Creativity

I’ve always been very creative when it comes to creating food and drinks, because I work with what I already have–did you know that you can fry plums, pork, and spinach together and it is absolutely delicious? Of course, it doesn’t always work out so well. Many a time have I tried to keep from wasting alcohol with some less than pleasant results. 

Tonight I created a new cocktail because darn it, I wanted a drink. But I only had cheap wine, V8, and some Gatorade to choose from. Since I wasn’t in the mood for Gatorade, I ended up mixing the wine and V8, and let me tell you, I’m not overly fond of bloody mary’s, but I’m going to experiment with this recipe further, because if it’s this tasty with a haphazard mixture, imagine how good it will be if I take some time to fiddle with amounts and ingredients!

Even before I started with minimalism, I didn’t usually have much food to work with, so it definitely forced creativity. I can make a meal out of some pretty bizarre combinations. A few of these experiments even became regular meals of mine, with variations depending on what I had on hand.

On that note, as far as the “What if I…?” experiments; do not put hot sauce on ice cream.  


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