New Hobby

One of my hobbies is cosplay, and while that is decidedly non minimalistic, I’m making sure to keep it to a minimum of high quality stuff that is only to be added to infrequently and is to be kept away at all times.

However, I finally have to ability to pick up a new hobby that only clutters up my computer tabs a bit: I’m a Waze Map Editor. (It’s a great gps app, I highly recommend it.)

It’s maintained by volunteers like myself, and while it is a lot of work, and I am still just learning, it is very rewarding, and helpful to the users. I can’t help but feel as though I am satisfying my desire for control with this hobby, but I’d say it is the best possible outlet for it.

My room is very untidy at the moment, but I’m kind of basking in the fact that it really can’t get worse than this because I just got all the stuff I had decluttered out of my apartment, and I only have a few days before school starts back up, and I don’t want to spent time cleaning, I need a break!


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