Back Home

I am no longer at my parent’s place, and I feel like I can finally relax. It was not a good idea to help my parents declutter, but I think I was helpful regardless. They have a very different lifestyle than I do, and tension was very high the entire time. I had plans to talk about it, but I’m only going to say this… My parents, both of them, keep way more than they think they do. Nothing I say is going to change that, and as long as they can get to a point where they are both happy, it is not my house, and if my mum thinks she needs 5 parrot head shirts, and my dad doesn’t like empty space on his decorative shelves, that is their choice.

My brother, on the other hand, is a lot more open to discussion. I hope he allows me to help him decorate whenever he gets his own place, because I bet we could make a beautiful home with what he has. He loves puzzles, and is happy with very few things. The only place he might have clutter is the kitchen, because he does a lot of culinary stuff, but even then, I bet he would be more streamlined and organized on his own than what he currently works with.

I definitely learned what I don’t want out of my life–and not to live with someone who wants more stuff than I do.


2 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. My parents are sort of the same way, they spend so much time buying little trinkets to decorate their house or in my mothers case a plethora of exercise clothing and high heeled shoes. My dad likes the idea of minimalism and I think he would be serious about it if he could convince my mother of it. I feel like all my life she has been buying things then my dad is getting rid of them hahaha. As much as I love my parents being away from them for periods of time is really good for me. I recently was feeling really suffocated by their influence and lifestyle after having to move back in at the depressing age of 27 😛 but just last month moved to a different state and finally feel free to develop my own lifestyle independent of them.


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