The Shoes and Shirt I’ll Wear Till They Die

I have a pair of shoes that I got in 6th grade, they are cloth and have little skulls and cherries on them, and I also have a shirt that I’ve had since I was 14, it is a fitted black tee and has plants on it, and I promise, these two designs look way better than I can describe. I loved them and wore them ridiculously often. No really, we’re talking like 4 or 5 times a week for 6 years, and then intermittently for another 3 years, and then set aside for another year to remove from immediate access, and only worn if a particularly strong urge to wear them surfaced, which happened a few times. And this brings us to today.

The shirt and shoes I’m referring to are not in kept with the rest of my clothes, and are only still around because I literally wore these two items almost daily (the shirt only when I wasn’t in school uniform), for all of secondary school. I actually also have a pair of jeans from when I was 14 that I wear regularly, and still look great and fit amazingly. (same time I that I got the shirt–it was a very special and memorable shopping trip)

After a certain point, I was just impressed at how long I had the clothes for how much I wore them even though they were showing so much wear, but aside from several holes, they were still functional items even though they looked hard worn out. I’ll even still wear them from time to time, because of how much I like them and the fact that they look so well loved. But I have them put away because I only wear them occasionally. I want to see how long they’ll last in wearable condition, even if it’s less often. I do really still like them, and would definitely repurchase the shirt if given the opportunity. The shoes too, if they were a different pattern. But part of my love for these ones are because they are so old and worn.

When they do eventually die, I’ll probably cut off some cloth from the shoes and the front of the shirt and put that into the memory bin. But until then, I’m gonna wear them.


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