What to do with Cards

Okay, so I actually feel pretty clever right now. I was thinking about how you can cut the front off of cards and reuse them as postcards… It’s a neat idea, but I don’t really send out postcards, so I mentioned it to my roommate, who does exchange cards with people regularly. But then I realized, even though I dislike writing thank you notes and sending cards (it just feels so obligatory and wasteful), I could combine the two ideas into something that’s both fun and minimalistic!

When you receive a card, cut the front off and send it back as a postcard to the person with a personal note (it doesn’t have to be a thank you note), and then you can each dispose of your half. It’s a nice interaction with the people who like to send cards, and it saves you from having to own anything other than stamps. 

Of course, I do have 3 or 4 very special cards that I have saved, but I get several cards a year that aren’t particularly special, and definitely intend to start doing this. That pretty floral card that includes a small check and a simple “Happy Easter, love grandma and pop-pop” would be better put to use cut up and sent back with a short note. I’m sure they would love that, and it saves me from having to stress over phone calls and thank you notes.


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