I am planning to downsize my holiday tree. Why? Because, even though it is apparently a fairly small tree, there is way too much space for the amount of ornaments that I actually like, and I felt the need to fill it with extras. Why should I do that? Not to mention that it will take up too much space after I move.

So I sorted through my ornaments, and carefully wrapped up the ones I wanted (this did include a set of four that I really like–ornaments break and it would be nice to still have at least one those, and a set of eight small ones that I haven’t decided on yet), and the rest are going away/back to my parents.

I am left with 13 unique ornaments that I really like, and most of which are very nice quality (Old World Christmas. I get one nice ornament a year), though I do have a couple that I like, but if they were to break, it wouldn’t be too upsetting. And there’s only two that would not be replaceable, so that’s an extra bonus!

No longer will I be decorating a tree with extra ornaments just to fill up space! I do hope that I can either trade on my current tree for one from the same place, as they are excellent trees, but if that’s not possible, I should at least be able to sell it and use the money for a new tree. I even have a couple ideas on how to display a smaller tree, though I do have a cat, so I have to make sure it’s secure. She doesn’t climb them, but she likes to sleep under them and we all know what happens when a cat is startled within 3 feet of breakable objects.


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