I cleaned out the linen closet… I had no idea what was in there. I’m honestly a little surprised that no one got sick off of what was in there. All the linens were fine, but the lower shelves and floor were pretty awful. Mostly trash, some mixed chemicals, a lot of spilled epsom salt… Nope. All gone now. Sort of, anyway, a lot of it is Bee’s stuff, so they have to sort it out when they come back. (I’m actually glad my roommate left, it allows me to declutter and clean without causing any tension.)

I also cleaned under the bathroom sink, almost as bad, but I had cleaned the bathroom up a little bit last week, but had to put everything back before I finished, so I’m glad that I have the opportunity to take care of this at my own pace.

I’m having to stop myself from sorting the ornaments, because I want finish what I’m currently working on, but at least I know what I’m doing next! Just need to make sure I do my schoolwork, too. Only two assignments and one exam left!


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