Books to Read

In order to make sure I actually read the books that I want to, I have the unread ones kept separately, and have made a note to read them before adding any more, and, more importantly, not re-reading anything until I have a steady system in place.

I’m also restricting incoming books to things I’m actually interested in, so no more gifted books unless I asked for a nice copy of a specific book I already love. I really want an all hardcover collection of my favourites on a nice (but still modest) bookshelf. One day… But no more random books gifted; I’m only taking suggestions from now on. And definitely no buying books until I know for sure I want it in my permanent collection. 

I’m excited to be getting back into reading, it was really hard to read in college because I normally read for several hours at a time. I get very absorbed in stories. Setting out a specific time block didn’t work so I just didn’t read books. But from now on, it will only be a few books in the “to read” pile at a time, and no adding more until I actually read what I have.

What should be the maximum number of books allowed in my “to read” pile? 6? 8? 13?


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