What I Never Realized

I see a lot of blogs saying that minimalism will help you have more time to do the things you want. I completely agree, and this appealed to me, but I didn’t really have anything specific in mind.

As I’ve been coming along in my journey, it’s becoming obvious that, while I don’t know what my goals are for sure, I am naturally turning to certain pastimes more and more… Which made me realize, it’s not only time to do what you love, but peace of mind, that minimalism brings.

I decluttered, and that relaxed me enough that I was able to sit down and play ukulele for several hours. Normally I play for a few minutes, but then either get frustrated, bored, or concerned about my other responsibilities.

You can’t truly enjoy something that you love when you are stressed about something that you should be doing. Solution? Don’t have anything that you need to do. Minimalism really helps with that.


One thought on “What I Never Realized

  1. I absolutely agree. I have noticed this same thing as I have gotten rid of a lot of my things. I have time to do the things I like now because I have peace of mind. It’s amazing!


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