My Magpie Box

I will admit to being a little bit of a kleptomaniac when it comes to shiny broken objects. I have a small tray/box that I filled with small trinkets I found. Most of it was from a jewelry making class I took in 8th grade, they had huge junk boxes for certain projects. I would take things from it even if I didn’t plan to use it, because I liked it. Some of it was good (I have a pair of holiday frog earrings that I found each earring several weeks apart that made it into my actual jewelry box), but most of it was broken or missing parts. I also have a sliding bathroom door lock that I took from a seldom-used restroom at my college. To be fair, it was only on my one screw and the piece that it locks into was already gone, but I had no need to it, I just wanted it.

So I have this tray of shiny objects that I had collected. Hence why I called it my magpie box. I picked out all the stuff that was not broken (two hummingbird pins, some earrings, and a few things that I especially liked, such as a decorative blue and silver metal heart that I’m very fond of even though I’m not even sure what it originally was, and two single earrings that I would buy again in a heartbeat if I found them.

I sorted through again and decided what I honestly wanted to keep. The broken blue heart and two single earrings made the cut, even though they are not functional, and a butterfly bracelet that I think my cousin let me wear and never asked for it back. Those went into my “casual” jewelry box, and everything else is set to leave, either to be trashed or given to someone else. My roommate’s best friend is getting the cute turtle necklace that I don’t know where came from, my roommate’s mom is getting a pretty clip that doesn’t stay in my hair, and my roommate is getting a nice pair of gold dolphin earrings that I dislike, but they will love. I’m going to ask around to see if anyone wants the hummingbird pins, but if not, they’re going to be donated.

(I still have the lock. It pleases me and I like playing with it.)


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