A Tiny Success

My roommate and I had fondue today, which was so much fun. My parents had a fondue set that we used to use all the time, but then it got put away and hasn’t been used in years. So I took it. (With permission, of course!)

Things I learned from it:

1. Prepare beforehand! We forgot to defrost the meat in advance. Oops!

2. Chicken is really slippery.

3. You WILL lose some of your food. Enjoy the process of fishing it out.

The experience of doing fondue at home, to me, is worth the cabinet space. And it’s a lot more cost effective, especially since you can reuse the oil several times. I’ve never actually gone out for fondue, but I think I’d rather do it at home…

Anyway, I actually had a different topic in mind when I started this post. Next to the couch, is a table, and on the bottom section, I had a bunch of music stored. After the fondue, I started shuffling through it, and found a bunch of stuff that I didn’t want to keep. Into the bin it goes! It’s not much, but I halved the stack of stuff that was there, and saw that I could relocate some stuff to a better location. It doesn’t make much of a visual difference, because it was tucked away in a corner, but it was satisfying to trash some sheet music that held negative memories.

And now I’m playing ukulele with the door cracked open as rain pours down outside. In a few minutes I have to get started on some schoolwork, but I think another few minutes of strumming with give me the lift I need to do the less than pleasant stuff.


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