The Joy of Rain

When was the last time you went outside in the rain or splashed in a puddle? For most people, the answer is probably years, if not decades. Even for me, it has been more than a year since I haven’t run for shelter, and I love the rain. Why do we avoid the rain? I usually try to stay dry because I don’t want to sit in a cold classroom soaking wet, but even with that excuse, it rains often enough that I could easily go outside, and then come back inside and dry off. But I don’t.

On my way home, a storm (the one that caused today’s launch to be canceled) had me and a few other people huddled behind a vending machine to protect ourselves until the shuttle came, and the driver had to wait about half an hour before it had lightened enough to drive us home. I haven’t seen such weather since the last time that a tropical storm passed through my area. It was dictionary definition torrential downpour, complete with blinding flashes of lightning and claps of thunder so loud it made my ears ring.

When I was dropped off, I tucked my bag under my jacket, and splashed home as quickly as I could. I’d removed my shoes and rolled up my jeans so they wouldn’t be ruined, and wanted to make sure the bag my mum made me stayed safe. Once inside, I stripped off my clothes, looked the window… and then put on a set of clothes that were in the hamper, and went back outside, barefoot.

I very calmly walked out into the parking lot, hoping that the storm had washed away any broken glass, and savoured the feeling of rain on my skin. I started kicking my feet aimlessly through the water as I walked. I did this for several minutes, feeling lighter with each passing moment, even as the water weighed down my clothes.

And then I jumped around like a fool, until I was giggling madly and splashing water everywhere. I jumped in deep water, I jumped in shallow water, I dragged my feet quickly to make waves that splattered everywhere. I stomped around, smashing my feet into the puddles so hard that water sprayed up to my waist. It was glorious.
I came back inside, dried myself off, and settled into my bed as I usually do… But my hair is still damp and my feet still feel soft and tingly. And those aren’t tears… It’s just raining on my face.


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