The Bedroom Set

I have been stressed out about how to sell some of my stuff, specifically this big, heavy, 6 piece bedroom set that I absolutely loathe. It’s really high quality, but it is about as far from my preferred style as you can get. Pale wood, white marble tops, and so heavy that I hurt myself trying to rearrange the bedside tables. I’d sooner have white wicker than this bedroom set, and I hate white wicker, but at least it would be light!

I talked with my dad and he said that I could just donate it and put Mum’s name on the paperwork so they can get the tax return. I was intending to do this if I couldn’t sell it, but it’s so much easier this way, and honestly more cost effective. All I have to do is get goodwill to come pick it up, write down the information, and that’s it. Goodbye bedroom set, hello space!

I am so relieved, as this solves most of my concerns about the big items and how to get rid of them.

(Did anyone see the launch? I saw it from my bedroom window! Unfortunately, excess lateral velocity caused it to tip over after it landed… Bummer, but hey, it is rocket science after all.)


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