The War Against Knick-Knacks

My roommate likes to play YouTube videos on a faster speed, which is very entertaining to listen to. Normally I just listen as I work on something else, but they got excited about a particular video–a tour of a flat. Curious, I leaned over to look, and 10 seconds in, I was uncomfortable. 30 seconds in, I was horrified. The entire video was an hour long, but we only saw about 3 minutes total, by clicking around. That 3 minutes consisted of seeing shelves upon shells of very organized, very cute, knIck-knacks. And everything was pink. All of it. If it wasn’t pink, it was white with pink on it. There were my little pony dolls in the kitchen. It was all well kept and neatly arranged, but there was so much of it that I couldn’t focus on anything. There was no space, only pink polly pockets and plushes.

I’ve never been a big fan of knick-knacks, in fact, I only have one item that I would consider a knick-knack, and only a few more that are display items. I like functionality, even if it is just a pretty wooden puzzle or a small newton’s cradle. They are pleasing to look at and stimulate the mind.

I could very easily fall into having a lot of orca knick-knacks, as I do collect orca paraphernalia, but I do intend to actively manage that. Just because I love orcas does not mean I need to keep everything orca related. I’m not ready to pare down just yet, but most of my plush collection is actually unstuffed and kept in a duffel bag in my closet, so it’s not actually taking that much space, and gives me piece of mind that it is an easy transport and an easy future project. There are other, more important things to work on first.


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