Try It On

I thought I had sufficiently sorted through my clothes and kept only what I wanted. Not even close. But then I remembered reading several posts about trying on all your clothes, even if you had put it in the keep pile.

So, with a critical eye, I tried on almost every single shirt in my dresser. Pulled them all out and dumped them on the floor, then picked them up one at a time. A few, which I wear regularly, or I really like, could go back in immediately, as I knew I loved them and they fit well. The rest, I put on and looked at myself in the mirror, verbally saying what was good and bad about the shirts. Did I like the material, the colour, the design? Was it in reasonably good condition? Did it fit in a way that I was satisfied with? And, most importantly, did it look good on me?

There were three shirts that I couldn’t decide on, so those are going to go to my parents so I don’t have to pack clothes when I visit, and I don’t have to get rid of something that I like. Plus that means I can get rid of the spare clothes that are already there that I don’t like as much, but felt compelled to keep at the time. It’s a win-win situation.

I did have some qualms about one shirt I own. It looks really pretty, but I thought, I never wear this, so I should get rid of it, right? Wrong! When I put it on, I realised that it looks incredible on me. Maybe the reason I never wear it is because I had too many other options, and it isn’t an “everyday” sort of shirt. (It’s a pale to dark green gradient button down made of a very light material. It also needs to be ironed.) But now that I got rid of so many, it should get some well-deserved love.

(I tried to do the same thing with my pants drawer, but I already pulled out the ones that didn’t fit, and since it’s next to impossible to find my style of jeans that fit properly AND look good, I’m not about to get rid of any of those until they are unwearable. Especially my precious bell bottoms. You can pry those from my cold dead hands. Seriously, you try finding 00 size bellbottoms that make your ass look great.)


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