Owning Books

I see a lot of posts about switching to libraries and kindles for your source of reading, rather than owning a lot of books that you may or may not re-read. However, I only agree with this to an extent. Books that you own should be “I like this book well enough to have a physical copy of it, and I want tangible representations. These are stories that are special enough to not get lost in the rest of the books that you read and enjoyed, but probably won’t read again, the books that you will definitely reread multiple times, maybe not every year, but it’s special enough to have a copy for yourself, instead of running to the library or digging through your electronic books. I have several favourites that I would never want to try to find at a library when I wanted to sit down and re-read , especially if I want to read a whole series. They can be a conversation point, usable decor, you can even have a cozy reading corner with a small bookshelf and a place to sit, if that’s your style.

And when it comes to peaceful reading, there is nothing quite like curling up with a favourite book.


2 thoughts on “Owning Books

  1. I have decluttered my books to a point where I absolutely can’t anymore. I still have a bookshelf full and I do justify it by the fact that the books I have and keep changed my life. They mean something to me. Getting a kindle copy would not be the same! While I wouldn’t carry them on my back for the rest of my life, they’re a huge piece of me!


    1. Does it bring you joy to have that bookcase full of loved books? If so, then it’s a worthy use of space. Especially if you have them organized and looking nice!

      I too would abandon most of my books if I had to, because they are replaceable, but I would definitely miss the ones I intend to keep, and would seek to replace them. But I am going to limit myself to one small bookcase, that’s just big enough to hold a few “extra” books to cycle through.

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