My treasure box

I had to bring home two boxes full of my belongings from my parents house (they are also decluttering), and I consolidated it into one tote. Awesome, considering that 3/4ths of the tote is full of my huge “treasure box” that holds… Who knows what? I know most of what’s in there, but then I realised something. I didn’t even open the box except to tuck a few items into it so they would fit into the tote better.

So that will be my first project of the day, after I make tea, of course. (I should probably also take these dishes to the sink and toss the wrappers while I’m at it…)


Darn, I’m out of honey. I have class during the farmer’s market on Wednesdays this semester, so I haven’t been able to get a new bottle. Oh well. On to the treasure box.

Actually, it’s a box inside a box. I have my treasure box, and then several items that are too big to fit inside the smaller box, so I put them together. Clever for organising, not so much for actually decluttering. The large items are an old button collection that I can give to my mum for her sewing, a sailor hat from when I was a youth leader at Woodbadge, a handcrafted notebook that is apparently from Thailand? No idea where that came from. It looks cool but seems inefficient for actual use. Actually, it looks like something made specifically for tourists. It actually says “Notebook” and “Thailand” on it. A light up egg that I got from Germany, some rubber ducks from events, my high school honour society cord, a treble clef bell that my piano teacher gave me, and a copper armband that my dad made me. Oh, and a giant bouncy ball, for some reason.

I set aside the armband, bell, and sailor hat. Maybe I’ll get rid of them in the future, but not yet.

Now onto the actual treasure box…

Oh my god it’s almost entirely junk and bouncy balls. It actually is a kids treasure box–I used to live on a farm in an old house and would often find old things and I collected them. There’s a few things in here that are actually good though. A stamp with my name in it (custom, as I have a unique name), as well as a perfume box that also has my name on it (not custom, which makes it really cool because there was actually an old perfume that had the same name as me). A note from my mother for my 13th birthday, saying that my $30 debt for the kitten I adopted had been erased, and an extra $20 to get something for myself or Patches. The remains of a hair wrap with my initials on it. Everything else is junk. There’s a few items in here that could potentially be valuable, so I’m gonna give the box to my dad to see if there’s anything that I could get a few bucks for.

Now I no longer need the treasure box, and there’s more space in the tote in case I find something I want to keep but not have out all the time. And now I need to go get the cat off the tote again. For some reason she loves to sleep on top of them, regardless of whether or not I have items on top of them.


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