Multiplayer Romance: Gaming While Polyamorous

I am the kind of gamer who loves building relationships with fictional characters. While I am easily drawn into a well-written story based in a detailed and expansive universe, my attention is alwa… Source: Multiplayer Romance: Gaming While Polyamorous

Keeping Clean

Hey readers; So I’ve rearranged stuff in my motorhome a bit, but I’m really struggling to keep it clean. I haven’t even brought in all the stuff from my car (3 months later…) because I can’t even keep what I have here organized… I’m not sure what to do. I’m getting a little better, but […]

Savings and Food Ramble

Hey readers;  Every time I see lists of ways to save money, it’s always stuff I’ve never really done, save for the gas (I don’t go far, I could bike it if I had a bike), and I’m still on my family’s phone plan and wifi and will absolutely not be giving up my smartphone […]

Moved, Again

I got “kicked out” of where I was, probably for the best, and now I’m back with my very generous family, living in their 22ft motor home. It’s not ideal, but I do start work this Saturday, and an internship on Monday, so things are looking up, and all my stuff (except for a cabinet), […]

Not perfect, but…

I have finally reached a point of equilibrium for my clothes. My wardrobe is all hung or folded on a shelf in my (very small) closet, and the rest of my clothes (the ones that are one use outfits, as well as pyjamas and swimsuits, are in an upper drawer in the dresser that isn’t […]

Where I am right now

Hey readers; I’m going to give you a quick rundown over some of the most recent changes in my life. I’m not thrilled with all of them, but there’s plenty of good things. I graduated college in December (except not really cause I got screwed over in one class right at the end so I […]